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Blog #4

Blog post #4: “Get to Know the Syncopedia Foundation: the Syncope Knowledge Facilitator!”

Date: 7th July 2021

Reading time: 5 mins

Author: Wouter Wieling, founder of Syncopedia


The History of the Syncopedia Foundation

The Syncopedia Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2014 and based in the Netherlands. This initiative was started by syncope experts F.J. de Lange and W Wieling from the Academic Medical Centre and  J.S.S.G. de Jong from the OLVG hospital in Amsterdam. 

The goals of the foundation are:

  • to improve medical knowledge in the field of syncope worldwide
  • to provide access to up to date evidence based educational material on syncope through the Syncopedia website

All available content on the Syncopedia website is written and peer reviewed by the editorial board together with several advisers, consisting of experienced clinicians, all highly skilled in their medical specialties, facing the everyday realities and challenges of practicing medicine and key opinion leaders in the field of syncope and autonomic function testing from all over the world.


The Syncopedia Website Facilitates Medical Knowledge  

The Syncopedia website is targeted at all medical professionals worldwide that want to learn more about syncope. Syncopedia has grown significantly over the years! 






Syncopedia website visits have increased throughout the years


What does Syncopedia offer?

The educational material on the homepage of www.syncopedia.org consists of:

  • a flowchart and guide on the initial evaluation of patients with syncope
  • E-learning Modules for all clinicians who want to learn more about syncope and special modules for medical students and blood donation physicians
  • Cases and examples including interactive cases and case histories
  • Video Library

Initial evaluation of patients with suspected syncope at the top of the homepage of the Syncopedia website deals with the paramount importance of history taking in the evaluation of patients with transient loss of consciousness. The Tutorials found in the E-learning module for internists provide a full syncope curriculum. The interactive cases can be used to practice syncope skills!


Syncope During Blood Donation

Syncope is the most common adverse event in blood donation. When and why does this happen and what can we do about it? The Syncopedia website includes an E-learning for Blood Donor Physicians explaining all about it!

Syncope during blood donation is the most common adverse event


The Importance of Physiology

Knowledge of physiology is the platform syncope doctors stand on. Sudden transient changes in arterial pressure can only be evaluated with continuous arterial blood pressure measurements. Non-invasive continuous measurement of finger arterial pressure (Finapres), since the 80’s, has been a major step forward in the evaluation of short-term blood pressure control and cardiovascular reflex activity.


Drugs administration test with the Finapres® Guided Autonomic Testing application

This figure shows the usefulness of a continuous tracing of finger arterial pressure (BP) and heart rate (HR) during cardiovascular reflex testing in a patient with vasovagal syncope.


The Syncopedia Video Library

Knowledge of symptoms & signs are key building blocks for physicians taking care of patients with suspected syncope. They are for obvious reasons hard to teach at the bedside. Syncopedia provides three tutorials dealing with symptoms and signs of syncope. This includes videoclips that are targeted to develop “bedside” syncope skills!

Whether you are a student or a highly trained clinician with years of experience, the tutorials provide in depth information to advance clinical knowledge and guide clinical decision making for everyone.


More questions? Visit syncopedia!


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