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  • Finapres® NOVA

    Which parameters does the Finapres® NOVA offer?

    The basic Finapres® NOVA offers the finger pressure wave-form measured noninvasively and the reconstructed brachial blood pressure waveforms, as well as beat-to-beat systolic, mean and diastolic blood pressure values. It further offers the heart rate, inter-beat interval and finger height (using the Height Correction Unit). On top of these parameters, you can add several hardware modules and software applications, each providing additional parameters.

    What are the dimensions of the Finapres® NOVA and the NANO CORE®?

    The dimensions of the Finapres® NOVA are: 333 x 277 x 260 millimetres and its weight is 5 kilograms. The screen of the NOVA is 13.2 inches. The dimensions of the NANO CORE® are 93 x 60 x 35 millimetres with a weight of 0.24 kilograms.

    When do I need to zero the Height Correction Unit (HCU)?

    Prior to your measurement, the Finapres® NOVA will guide you through the zeroing process of the HCU. If the HCU is not connected, the Finapres® NOVA will instruct the user to keep the hand of the subject at heart level.

    Is there a service contract available for the Finapres NOVA®?

    Yes, Finapres® offers a service contract. A yearly check and calibration is recommended for all Finapres devices.

    What is the goal of the Physiocal?

    Physiocal prevents drifts in the measured finger pressure due to arterial contractions/relaxations related to smooth muscle activity in the finger arteries. Physiocal defines and maintains the correct diameter (setpoint) at which the finger artery is clamped. Thereby, it is essential for an accurate measurement.

    Is it possible to turn off the Physiocal?

    Yes, you can turn of Physiocal whenever you want after a Finapres® device has established a stable setpoint, i.e. the number of beats between successive Physiocals should be at least 40. However, keep in mind that Physiocal is essential for an accurate measurement and hence should only be turned off if needed (for example at the start of a Valsava maneuver).

    When can I switch off Physiocal?

    In general, Physiocal can be switched off when the number of beats in between successive Physiocal interval is at least 40 beats, preferably when at its maximum of 70 beats as this indicates that the finger physiology is stable. Usually it should not be a problem to switch Physiocal off for a period of 5 to 15 min, even when the subject is recovering from an autonomic test or even an exercise test. When the number of pressure steps in the first Physiocal after it has been switched ON again is limited (3-4 pressure steps), the setpoint most likely has not changed during the test. However, if the number of pressure steps during Physiocal is larger, the setpoint may have changed during the test.

    Which Finapres devices are most accurate for arterial blood pressure measurement and continuous monitoring?

    The Finapres® NOVA and the Finometer® PRO are the most accurate of our devices. Both systems are in compliance with the standard ISO 81060-2 and they are the most accurate devices available on the market. This is because both the Finapres® NOVA and the Finometer® PRO include an Upper Arm Cuff calibration of the reconstructed brachial artery pressure waveform. This improves the level of accuracy and precision.

    Can the Finapres® NOVA input and/or output signals to other equipment?

    Yes, the Finapres® NOVA has 8 output channels which you can configure to output any signal that is available in the Finapres® NOVA. It further allows you to show and record up to two analog input signals (0-10V) along with the standard Finapres® NOVA recording signals.

    How can I add a mouse and / or a keyboard?

    You can add a mouse and a keyboard using a USB hub connected to the USB port on the rear of the device.

    How can I export data from the Finapres® NOVA?

    The Finapres® NOVA allows you to connect an USB stick or USB drive to receive the exported data files, PDF print outs and snapshots that were made during recordings. Alternatively, you can logon on the Finapres® NOVA via your local network and download the files from the Finapres® NOVA.

    Is there a transport solution available for the Finapres® NOVA?

    You can fix the Finapres® NOVA to a holder on your own transport solution, e.g. a trolley. Standard fixing points similar to those of separate computer screens are available in the bottom of the Finapres® NOVA main unit housing.

    Does the Finapres® NOVA have network capabilities?

    Yes, you can log on to the Finapres® NOVA via your local network and download raw data files, PDF print outs and snapshots.

    Can I connect a printer to the Finapres ® NOVA?

    Yes, the Finapres® NOVA is compatible with several network printers. When linked to a direct network or shared network, (parts of) the measurement can be printed. For examples of suitable printers, please contact support@finapres.com.

    How can I add other hardware modules and software applications to my Finapres® NOVA?

    Your Finapres® NOVA can be upgraded at any time with one of the optional hardware modules after purchase. However, a licensed technician will have to install it at the premises of Finapres.

    For upgrading your Finapres® NOVA with additional software applications, all you need to do is contact Finapres. After purchase, Finapres will provide you with a code that enables the additional applications on your Finapres® NOVA without the need for a licensed technician to be present. Please note that a software application may require additional hardware.

    How will I be informed regarding new developed applications and modules?

    Finapres Medical Systems continuously develops new applications that meet the needs of our current and future users. For that purpose, the Finapres® NOVA is a platform onto which new hardware modules can be mounted and on which new software applications can be installed. Every time we release such a module or application, this will be promoted via our website, mailings and social media Finapres Twitter Finapres Linkedin.

    We also give demonstrations at (medical) conferences.

  • Applications and modules

    Which tests can be performed with the GAT application?

    The GAT application facilitates 7 different tests: the Valsalva test, the Tilt Table test, the Deep Breathing test, the Stand test, the Cold Pressor test, the Carotid Sinus Massage test, and the Drugs Administration test. Yet, all test protocols are adjustable. This means that the operator can select which tests should be performed, including test order, frequency and test parameters.

    Which software and accessories should be used for the GAT application?

    The GAT application includes GAT software for the Finapres NOVA, an iPad for onscreen instructions for the subject, a Wi-Fi dongle to connect the iPad to the NOVA, and specific accessories for the Valsalva test (mouth piece, mouth piece adaptor, and airway filter).

    How can I create a GAT report of the measurement?

    After the measurement, a detailed clear PDF report, is automatically created using default settings. This report provides quantified results of all performed tests. If you prefer another layout, you have multiple options to update your report by using the “Print report” button. More information on this can be found in the GAT manual.

  • ECG

    Which kind of lead connection sets are supplied with the ECG module?

    The ECG module comes with a 3- or 5-lead connection set. You can choose whether you want the IEC or AHA color-coding for the leads.

    How many ECG leads are displayed with the different cables?

    If you use a 3-lead connection set, you will be able to show one ECG waveform at a time onscreen (selecting lead II will also enable the respiration parameters).

    If you use a 5-lead connection set you will be able to show all ECG waveforms simultaneously onscreen, including the respiration parameters.

    Can I order the ECG lead connection sets at Finapres?

    Yes, you can order spare lead sets at Finapres®.

    Does the ECG module recognize leads off?

    Yes, you will receive an onscreen warning that tells you which lead is disconnected.

    Does the ECG module recognize pacemaker spikes as well?

    Yes, pacemaker spikes are being recognized by the system.

    Do I always need an ECG module to be able to use the Guided Autonomic Testing (GAT) module?

    Yes, this is required to ensure the highest accuracy in the parameters calculated by the GAT application. With the ECG module, the R-R interval and respiration signal are determined.

  • SpO2

    How many clips/sensors and leads are provided with one SpO2 module?

    With the SpO2 module, one reusable Oximax sensor clip (DS-100 A) is supplied.

  • Finger Cuffs

    Which sizes Finger cuffs are available?

    Currently there are three Finger Cuff sizes available (Small, Medium and Large), which covers fingers with a circumference from 45 to 75 mm (0.18 to 0.30 inch).

    How can I determine which Finger Cuff size I have to use?

    Each Finapres® system is supplied with an easy to use tool (cuff size reference gauge) to determine the appropriate Finger cuff size.

    How can I clean the Finger Cuffs?

    The Finger Cuffs can be cleaned using a soft, slightly moist cloth, disinfecting wipes: Schulke Mikrozid Wipes, Clinell Universal wipes or by soaking it in a solution containing MediClean Forte, a disinfecting agent manufactured by Chemische Fabrik Dr. Weigert GmbH & Co. KG. When soaked make sure that the connectors are not submerged in the liquid and allow time to air dry the finger cuffs well afterwards.

    In the light of COVID-19, Finapres Medical Systems has successfully tested two new disinfectants for use on the finger cuffs, alongside the current range of approved products. The new cleaning products were chosen based on the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO). The active components, concentration and incubation times are indicated by the WHO for their effectiveness against viruses. We have tested the new cleaning products for the interference with the functionality of the finger cuffs.

    The following two disinfectants are now approved:

    1. Cleaning products based on sodium di-chloro-iso-cyanurate. This was tested with 0.1% active substance, while submerging the bladder for 5 minutes.
    2. Cleaning products based on sodium hypochlorite. This was tested with 0.1% active substance, while submerging the bladder for 1 minute.

    Both approved disinfectants are liquids in which the bladder of the cuff needs to be submerged for the time indicated above. Afterwards, the cuffs can carefully be dried by hand, or air dried.

    The use of these products in the tested concentration will not lead to damages to the finger cuffs. Overtime, some slight discoloration may occur, especially when the used dosage is higher than the tested dosage.

  • Upper Arm Cuff

    Which sizes are available for the Upper Arm Cuff?

    Three sizes of adult Upper Arm Cuffs are supplied (sizes S, M, L) with the Finapres® NOVA. If you need additional Upper Arm Cuffs, these can be ordered directly at Finapres Medical Systems.

  • General

    I did a research study and I used a Finapres device. How should I cite this device in my paper?

    Check with which Finapres device you performed your study. Our newest device is the Finapres® NOVA. The original Finapres® product line consists of the Finometer® PRO, the Finometer® MIDI and the Portapres®. Furthermore, our company Finapres Medical Systems is located in Enschede (city) in the Netherlands (country). So, if you used the Finapres® NOVA, the reference should be “Finapres® NOVA (Finapres Medical Systems, Enschede, the Netherlands)”

    Are Finapres devices compliant with MRI?

    Current Finapres® devices are not MRI-compatible. However, a workaround for use with MRI exists. For more details, please contact support@finapres.com

    Can Finapres® systems be used for subjects younger than 18 years of age?

    None of the Finapres® systems to date have been validated or intended for use on subject younger than 18 years of age. The Finapres® systems might be correct in younger or pediatric patients, but we do not know until clinical studies have been done and published on the use of Finapres® systems in subjects under 18.

    What is the difference between the Finapres® NOVA, the Finometer® PRO and the Finometer® MIDI?

    A comparison of all system specifications is available in this document.  For more info, please visit the compare Finapres products page.

    How does Finapres Medical Systems handle personal data?

    See here the privacy statement of Finapres

  • Commercial

    What is the procedure for a device check up or repair?
    Repairs can only be carried out in our laboratory and should always be notified to Finapres® (support@finapres.com) prior to a return shipment. After receipt of a Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA), the complete system including all accessories can be returned to Finapres. To avoid damage during transport, please make sure the device is firmly and properly packed, if possible in the original packing. Please include a proforma invoice with the shipment clearly stating ‘repair return’. After arrival of the device at our laboratory, our Customer Service will contact you.

    Who should I contact for repairs?
    For repair or service, please contact Finapres® Customer Service by email: support@finapres.com or phone: +31 88 115 2700

    What is your Chamber of commerce number?
    Our Chamber of commerce number is: 08200839

    What are your bank account details?
    Our bank account details for electronic banking are:

    ABN AMRO bank account number: NL62ABNA0507537491

    BIC code: ABNANL2A

    What is your VAT number?
    Our VAT number is: NL 820931342 B01