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Application fields - Education

Physiology education


Did you know that students learn a lot about cardiovascular physiology when they are educated with a Finapres®  device?


Cardiovascular physiology is an area of ​​the physiology curriculum that many students find challenging [1]. Practical laboratory classes with demonstrations on how the cardiovascular system functions, play an important role in students' understanding and learning. Such classes provide opportunities for active learning and consolidation of theoretical concepts [1].


There are many methods to perform practical classes, such as computer simulations, videos, or testing with human subjects. One advantage of using human subjects is that students can collect and measure cardiovascular parameters, such as blood pressure (BP) and heart rate (HR), on themselves. Most students enjoy doing these types of practical classes, which increases their motivation and engagement!


Using a Finapres® NOVA system in the lecture hall increases student engagement and enhances their understanding of physiology [2]


In 2012, researchers from Monasch University (Melbourne, Australia) studied the added value of a Finapres® device in laboratory classes for their physiology students [2]. This device is unique in the way that it allows experimental subjects to immediately, continuously, and non-invasively visualize changes in cardiac output (CO) at rest and during exercise, using the Advanced Hemodynamics (HD) software application. The researchers demonstrated that the use of a Finapres® device provided valuable laboratory teaching and contributed to an improved learning experience compared with traditional learning methods [2].


How did the Finapres® device improve the students’ results during physiology education?

  • Finapres® devices continuously display blood pressure, heart rate, and cardiac output (derived with the HD software) during experimental protocols. This data provides students with immediate feedback and enhances their understanding of cardiovascular physiology.
  • Students found the Finapres® device easy to use and were able to obtain direct measurements on a beat-to-beat basis!
  • Students quickly gained a better understanding of how to record physiological data.
  • 81% of the students would recommend the Finapres® device as teaching material to other students!


Accurate and continuous non-invasive blood pressure monitoring easier than ever with Finapres® NOVA!

The Finapres® NOVA is a state-of-the-art hemodynamic monitoring system, which provides accurate non-invasive continuous blood pressure monitoring using just a finger cuff! With the Advanced Hemodynamics software, it provides an extensive list of hemodynamic parameters such as Cardiac Output (CO), Stroke Volume (SV), and Total Peripheral Resistance (TPR) that are all measured continuously and non-invasively. The Finapres® NOVA can also be extended with an ECG module, respiration board, and/or SpO2 module. This provides even more parameters to teach about!




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