Products - Remote Control software

Control the Finapres® NOVA remotely!

The Remote Control (RC) software opens up the possibility for the user to fully control the Finapres® NOVA  remotely. The user can keep distance from the subject while using a computer to control and monitor the measurement! 


Finapres® NOVA measurements can be monitored remotely with the Remote Control software


Remote Control software offers multiple connection possibility

With the RC software, it is also possible to set-up a connection with multiple devices:

  • Multiple Finapres® NOVA devices can be linked to one computer
  • Multiple computers can be linked to one Finapres® NOVA device 


The connection between the Finapres® NOVA and the computer can be set up within an existing network or with a direct cable connection via an Ethernet cable. The connection can be restricted to viewing a measurement or could provide full-control of the measurement remotely. Both types of connections can be password-protected independently.


Convenient and safe measurements with the Remote Control software

The RC software allows convenient and safe measurements in all kinds of environments, as the user can take safe distance from the patient. Some examples of practical applications:

Also, if you wish not to disturb the patient while measuring, the RC software can be useful to monitor the patient and adjust the settings without interrupting the patient.

Moreover, via the multiple connection option, you can give a demo to multiple screens in a lecture hall to avoid watching on one screen by all attendees.

Requirements to use the Remote Control software

  • Computer (operating on Windows) or tablet with the TightVNC software installed
  • Ethernet network connection cable

Remote monitoring of the Finapres® NOVA with the TightVNC Viewer software