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  • Finapres® NOVA NC
  • Finapres® NOVA FEU
  • Finometer® PRO
  • Finometer® MIDI &
  • Portapres®

Finapres Medical Systems BV currently sells the Finapres® NOVA with NANO CORE® (NC) technology . This device is available in four hardware configurations and with multiple optional software applications. Previous devices are the Finapres® NOVA with Frontend Unit (FEU), Finometer® PRO, Finometer® MIDI, and Portapres®. We would like to give you more insight into relevant differences between the current and previous Finapres® devices!

On this page, you will find a comparison of all Finapres products. The following features are compared:

  • Finapres products features
  • System specifications
  • Blood Pressure & Heart Rate Parameters available in all devices & every configuration
  • Optional hardware modules
  • Optional software modules

Finapres product features

Finapres® NOVA full options configuration for continuous beat-to-beat hemodynamic measurements

System specifications for all Finapres devices

Finapres ® NANO CORE® technology enables non-invasive continuous blood pressure measurements with the Finapres NOVA NC®!

Blood Pressure & Heart Rate parameters available in all devices & every configuration


Optional hardware modules

  • ECG & respiration module
  • SP0module
  • Upper arm blood pressure module
  • Analog input & output module

5-lead ECG cable (I, II, II, aVR, aVF and V1) to integrate with the Finapres® NOVA NC


SP0sensor for continuous non-invasive arterial oxygen saturation monitoring with the Finapres® NOVA NC



Upper Arm Calibration module to integrate with the Finapres® NOVA NC for absolute blood pressure accuracy (large, medium, and small)

Optional software modules

  • Advanced Hemodynamics (HD, Modelflow® & BRS)
  • Guided Autonomic Testing (GAT, guidance for 7 maneuvers)
  • Autonomic Testing (AT, HRV variability & BRS)

Finapres® Advanced Hemodynamics (HD) software application enables hemodynamic parameters on the Finapres® NOVA 

Finapres® Guided Autonomic Testing (GAT) software application : Guidance for a Valsalva Test



Finapres® Autonomic Testing (AT) software application provides Baroreceptor Sensitivity and Heart Rate Variability parameters

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