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New software release V1.11C for the Finapres® NOVA!

November 2020


We are proud to share that our new software release (V1.11C) for the  Finapres® NOVA  is available now!

An important update in this new software release is the availability of the  baroreceptor sensitivity (BRS)  parameter. From now on, our BRS parameter is incorporated in our  Advanced Hemodynamics (HD)  software as available on the  Finapres® NOVA ! The BRS parameter was and will stay available in the  Autonomic Testing (AT) software  as well.

Also good news about printing: the possibilities to print a measurement report are further expanded! With our newest software, network printers with support for TCP-IP port 9100 Direct mode / Direct IP (port 9100) can now be connected to the  Finapres® NOVA  without requiring additional drivers!

To obtain this new software release and receive the full release notes, please contact  your local distributor  or the Finapres office directly at  support@finapres.com !