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New software release V1.12 for the Finapres ®  NOVA!

May 2021

We are proud to share that our new software release (V1.12) for the  Finapres ®  NOVA   is available now!

An important feature in this new software release is the NEW raw data export function . With the new V1.12 software, raw data can now be directly exported from the Finapres ® NOVA, with a secondary button next to the beat-to-beat export button. This function can also be applied on recordings that were performed earlier!

Also good news about Guided Autonomic Testing (GAT) application ! There is a major update on the stand test report . The report of the V1.12 software includes much more information and has better readability, which is based on customer input and recent literature ( Finucane et al. Clin Aut Res 2019 ).

To obtain this new software release and receive the full release notes, please contact  your local distributor  or the Finapres office directly at   support@finapres.com !