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Products - Advanced Hemodynamics

Advanced Hemodynamics

Our Advanced Hemodynamics (HD) software application enables relevant hemodynamic parameters on the Finapres® NOVA. This HD application gives more insight in various cardiovascular parameters, supporting health care professionals and researchers in studying and diagnosing their patients. It uses a statistical model of the human circulation to calculate the hemodynamic parameters from the finger arterial pressure waveform [1].

This algorithm computes the aortic flow waveform by simulating a non-linear three-element model of aortic input impedance [1]. The aortic impedance is modelled based on the age, length, weight and gender of the patient, while the systemic vascular resistance is predicted from the mean pressure and model mean flow. This so-called Modelflow® algorithm was developed in the ‘90s by Wesseling et al.[1] and is widely validated [2-5].



  • Non-invasive beat-to-beat hemodynamic parameters such as Cardiac Output (CO) and Stroke Volume (SV)
  • Optimized for trending
  • Absolute CO accuracy through calibration


Our HD application provides the following parameters

Cardiac Output (CO & CI)

Systolic pressure time index (SPTI)


Stroke Volume (SV & SVI)

Diastolic pressure time index (DPTI)


Total Peripheral Resistance (TPR & TPRI)



Cardiac contractility (dP / dt)

Aortic Impedance (Zao)


Left Ventricular Ejection Time (LVET)

Windkessel Compliance (Cwk)


Maximal surface of the aorta

Peripheral Resistance (Rp)


Rate pressure product (RPP)

Model computation of the aortic flow waveform (mFlow)

Baroreceptor Sensitivity (BRS)



As an example of a potential application of the HD software, the image below shows the immediate blood pressure (reBAP), heart rate, CO and SV response during a stand test recorded with the Finapres® NOVA.

First plot: reBAP signal. Second plot: CO and SV. Third plot: RR interval (requires ECG+resp configuration)


The Advanced Hemodynamics software is now available for your Finapres® NOVA! It can be upgraded during its lifetime at any time.




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