The Finapres® NOVA is a non-invasive continuous blood pressure monitor that can be expanded at any time.

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Finapres® NOVA

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The Finapres® NOVA is an innovative hemodynamic monitoring system, which provides accurate non-invasive continuous blood pressure monitoring using just a finger cuff! 


 The Finapres® NOVA

  • uses the Finapres® technology with 30 years of proven reliability attested by leading researchers and clinicians
  • offers a double finger cuff system, which allows you to measure 24/7 patient friendly
  • allows convenient data transfer
  • can be upgraded during its lifetime with new Finapres hardware configurations and software applications
  • enables you to define the monitor that perfectly fits your daily practice


Hardware configurations

The Finapres® NOVA comes in four different hardware configurations:

  • Finapres® NOVA Basic
  • Finapres® NOVA ECG + Resp
  • Finapres® NOVA Sp02
  • Finapres® NOVA Full Options 
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