Sleep disorder research and exercise testing are two more fields of application.

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Sleep disorder research

Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) is used in sleep studies and to establish 24 hour blood pressure profiles. Standard ABPM devices measure blood pressure on set intervals (eg each 15-30 minutes) only. With Finapres® devices short and long term hemodynamic changes will become visible on a beat-to-beat basis. Our devices measure beat-to-beat blood pressure not losing any information between intermittent measurements when using standard ABPM devices.

The Finapres® devices are widely preferred over arterial lines for patient comfort and to avoid possible infections.  Also, it allows patients to sleep comfortably throughout the night. The dual cuff system makes it possible to switch between fingers on set intervals permitting long continuous measurements.

Exercise testing 

The Finapres Portapres® is perfectly suited for exercise testing as it is a portable system. The portability combined with the quality and technology of Finapres systems are providing NASA top scientists the opportunity to do hemodynamic research on the ground, in flight missions and during extended stays in space.